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CCTV surveillance systems have evolved into integrated systems. These systems combine surveillance video cameras with a digital video recorder (DVR) and an easy-to-use LCD interface.

Integrated systems allow video to be captured for up to 30 days and the ability to overlay key data with video playback, instead of just displaying the video on a television screen.

They also provide network connectivity, which gives users the ability to access footage from anywhere on the internet.

This modern approach to CCTV surveillance allows for a wide range of integration with burglar alarms, point of sale (POS) systems, and specialized software solutions.

Our Approach

At All Inclusive AV, we offer design and installation services for all your security needs - from alarms and access control to multi-megapixel surveillance systems.

IP Surveillance

Cutting-edge technology that uses internet protocol to transmit and record high-quality video footage from security cameras. With advanced features such as remote access and real-time monitoring, IP surveillance provides enhanced security and flexibility for businesses and organizations.

(POS) Point of Sale Overlay

Point of Sale (POS) overlay integrates surveillance video with transaction data from a point of sale system. This allows businesses to monitor and analyze customer transactions alongside video footage, providing valuable insights for loss prevention and customer service improvement.

Remote Video Access

Allows users to view live or recorded video footage from their CCTV surveillance system remotely, using an internet-connected device. This convenient feature enables users to monitor their premises and stay connected to their security system from anywhere with an internet connection.

Analog to HD conversions

Analog to HD conversions are a service we provide to upgrade your existing analog surveillance system to high-definition resolution. This enhances the clarity and detail of your video footage, providing improved visibility and accuracy for your security needs.

Services Provided

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